BPE Missions

A 2.0 treasure hunt that leads to re-discover villages and cities of art in an easy, fun and innovative way. A playful cultural experience to do whenever you want and with who you want: all you need is a smartphone to immerse yourself in the BPE’s missions, where reality and fantasy join together to offer extraordinary outdoors adventures.

As mentioned above, there is no limit, but we recommend a maximum of 4 people per mission and therefore per device, to enjoy as much as possible the experience.

Once the payment is completed you will find the link to the mission directly in your web page along with the game code that you have to use in order to access that said link. You will also receive an email with that same link to the mission and game code along with the instructions to start the game. You will be able to play directly from your phone without downloading any app.

With BPE you can purchase now and play when you want. Whenever you want (according to the times and days communicated on the purchased mission page), you can go to the starting point, insert the game code in the link and start the mission.

Everything in its time, start the mission as described in the previous FAQ, during the mission you will be given all the directions for picking up the map. You do not need the map to start the game.

Absolutely not. You can buy now and play whenever you want.

Why is there a time period indicated? You will receive materials for the mission at various bars with opening times, so you must play within the time ranges indicated. Keep in mind that with darkness the difficulties may arise.

A smartphone, game material and desire for a light, playful and cultural experience.

Hurry up, there is a prize to recall. Your final destination may have opening times.

Absolutely,  BPE missions are adventures that are inspired by true stories, full of mysteries, which will take you to unusual places unknown to tourists. In addition, thanks to the "Find Out More" button, you will also have the opportunity to read many in-depth stories about the town or village in question.