TREVISO – Blood red love

34,00  (price for experience, not for person)

A treasure hunt 2.0 to have fun (re)discovering art cities and Italian villages together with your partner, family or friends. Playing is very easy: all you need is a smartphone to immerse yourself in a BPE mission. What are you waiting for? Buy now and play whenever you want!

Treviso is in shock. A young peasant girl has been killed with a billhook: could it have been a crime of love? It will be up to investigator Lorenzo Potassa, along with the #BPErs, to investigate and try to find the solution to this seemingly guiltless murder.

If you check the gift option, you will receive a second email with a pdf to print and hand in, with all the information for playing the experience.




This mission can be played every day except Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 8pm.

The mission starts at Via Inferiore.

The game map is taken at a bar during the experience. Since the bar works independently from BelPaese Express, it may happen that it is closed on different days and at different times than those indicated on this page. We apologise in advance for any inconvenience, but would like to remind you that the map is also available in digital format in the game web-app.

It is not necessary to use the web. Get inspired by the spaces around you, read the signs, ask passers-by for information: just use your wits! Besides, for each quest you will have three hints at your disposal (and also the solution): make good use of them!

In order to be able to play the mission without problems, we recommend that you play when it is still light, since some clues/enigmas may not be visible as night falls.


Where: Treviso

Player limit? None

Itinerary length: Approx. 2,5 km

Length of experience: Approx. 2,5 hours

Time limit: None

Starting location: Via Inferiore 17

Game time: Every day except Monday and Wednesday from 9am to 8pm.

Reservation: Not necessary

Available languages:  

Accessibility: No (The experience is not suitable for people in wheelchairs)



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3 reviews for TREVISO – Blood red love

  1. Maria

    La de los números no conseguimos resolverla, por el resto bien. Entretenida

  2. Sander

    Sometimes is it hard to find te solution, it a great way to explore te inner city.

  3. Mă ta daniel

    Best opportunity to explore the city

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